Sector specific & Technical Skills

Although we have many placements across a range of transferable skills such as business and organisational development, project management, communications and policy based work, some of our placements suit volunteers with more specific technical and sector specific skills.

Technical & Sector-specific Skills

Some placements may require specific technical knowledge of a particular area of development. Specific expertise in health and the environment for example can be used in a technical role such as delivering health-based services, offering training and capacity building in nursing and medical practice. Physiotherapists, occupational health professionals and psychologists are also able to contribute to specific areas of the health sector. In the environmental sector professionals with specific knowledge of related issues such as climate change, wildlife behaviour, environmental impact assessments and so on can very directly apply their skills into a sector specific role.

Technical Placements

Some of the skills used include construction, architecture, engineering, agriculture, horticulture, IT, social work, graphic design and photography. Some of our partners, for example Habitat for Humanity, require specific engineering, architectural or construction knowledge whereas other partners need specific skills like photography and graphic design to feed into wider communications activities. IT is also a very common skill required by our partners, to design databases, systems and projects involving innovative use of IT. Social workers are also able to use their background in specific areas. We would also see accountancy as a specific skill that would contribute to business and organisational development.