Our Fee

A Set Fee

Our fee of £850 is a set fee, allowing you to volunteer for up to 2 years, anywhere in the world.  Our fee is calculated to cover our operating costs so that we do not need to rely on outside funding to do what we do. This in turn allows us to be completely flexible in the service we offer, so that we can respond individually to our volunteer’s personal goals and preferences.

A Social Enterprise

As a social enterprise, we are committed to not receiving funding from any other source so that we do not eat into precious aid budgets, and so that we can remain flexible in our approach supporting our volunteers and partners individually to reach their goals. Everything we do is a carefully considered process so our fee is as low as possible. For us its about keeping our service to what we feel our volunteers and partners need, and working with our highly efficient systems to make sure that our costs are kept to a minimum, whilst providing the best possible support to make every placement a success.

Coaching Services

In addition to our core service of organising individual placements abroad, we take on a limited number of coaching clients who have the opportunity to work personally with our Director Katherine Tubb. Katherine has over 10 years experience in giving advice and guidance to individuals and well known institutions on the topic of careers in International Development, which all our volunteers benefit from. If you would like one to one sessions with Katherine who can help you focus your career goals, create a careers plan, and re write your CV please contact us for details. 

One to one careers coaching sessions £80 (1 hour)

CV rewrite £50

What You Get

Here is a summary of the top 10 things you get from 2Way Development as a volunteer and why this fee is value for money: 

  • A choice of 3 individual placement options that allow you to reach your placement and career goals, handpicked by your Placement Advisor and our overseas team.
  • Personal support from our worldwide team of Placement Advisors and Regional Placement Managers before, during and after your placement including monthly placement checks and ongoing contact when you are overseas.  
  • The security that all our partners have undergone intense vetting and assessment procedures. With 2Way Development you know you are in the best place possible.
  • An individual job description is organised for each placement in advance, so you know exactly what is expected of you in your placement.
  • Choice and flexibility over the location of your placement, the time you spend overseas, start dates and generally being able to determine the criteria that is used for your placement. You don’t have to fit into our programmes and systems – rather we listen to you and respond with relevant and personal placement options.
  • Speed – you can be in your placement within 3 months of contacting us and never wait around not knowing where you are going or what you are doing.
  • No expensive visits to London – our service is delivered to our volunteers through a highly efficient and informative online database. This keeps our fee to a minimum and allows you to access all the information you need from us, anywhere in the world.
  • You benefit from becoming part of a global network of volunteers, so you have contacts all over the world, with people who have been through the process of volunteering themselves.