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We Provide:


Personal Placement Advisor

Our Placement Advisors guide you in focussing your goals and establishing the platform we need to organise the best possible placement for you.

3 Handpicked Placement Options

Your Placement Advisor and our overseas team make sure your options reflect a perfect match between your skills and goals and a partner’s work and needs.

Fully Vetted Charities

Our overseas team assess, meet and build relationships with our partner charities so you have up-to-date and informative placement information.

Individual Job Description

Written by your Placement Manager and your host charity, to provide strong foundations to your placement. You will be fully involved in this process.

Placement Preparation & Overseas Support

You have your own Placement Manager, based in the region you are volunteering, to support you before and during your placement with ongoing advice.We also provide you with cultural training manuals, lonely planet guides and more. Placement Managers assist you with arriving and settling in, monthly placement reviews and placement visits.

A Global Volunteer Network

We connect you to an invaluable worldwide network of 2Way Development volunteers – both overseas and returned.

International Development Careers Advice

You receive careers guidance throughout the service – CV guidance, an end of placement de-brief and careers pack as well as ongoing job bulletins.

Volunteers develop skills

Partner charities develop capacity

in International Development