Our History

2Way Development was founded by an individual who had experienced the highs and lows of being a development volunteer herself. Katherine Tubb, in 1999/2000, was a VSO volunteer in Nepal. During her own voluntary placement she realised two things. Firstly how many tourists and travellers were looking for volunteering projects but had no idea where to start. Often volunteers, without the support of a professional sending agency, ended up doing something completely mismatched to their skills and where they didn’t have the potential to have a lasting impact on the communities and environments they worked in. She also realised how competitive it was to become a government funded volunteer and the limitations of national volunteer agencies that relied on aid and government funding.

2Way Development over the years

So 2Way Development was born in 2003 - an independent, private agency that does not rely on funding and charitable donations like its government counterparts but that remains focussed on organising skilled voluntary placements that benefit communities and volunteers alike. Through charging a flat rate fee, calculated on a cost recovery basis, 2Way Development can offer a flexible service to volunteers that enables them to reach their personal and professional goals through a placement overseas.

2Way Development is now a social enterprise firmly rooted in a commitment to international development issues through its volunteers. We are committed to not taking in any outside investment or donations in order to operate and have always been a self sufficient, and independent organisation guided by our volunteers and our partners needs.



We have achieved a lot since 2003!

We have placed hundreds of volunteers into a range of development NGOs worldwide. We have a solid partnership base placing volunteers with nearly 150 partner charities in 12 countries. We have with overseas staff, offices and a growing presence in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. We now place 150-200 volunteers a year from all over the world and our partner base is increasing all the time.

We also have formal partnerships with some of the major donors in the International Development sector - so we hear about development charities doing amazing work first hand, and place volunteers at the heart of where organisations need them most.  

We have worked with many travel companies offering advice about volunteering overseas including the lonely planet. Our founder, Katherine Tubb, has been special advisor to their volunteering publication since 2006. 

Our focus on Careers in International Development

2Way Development is now known as a career based agency, helping facilitate relevant placements for people wanting to ‘Get Into International Development’. Our founder is a careers blogger for guardian careers with her own online Q&A here. We also run our own careers conferences, sponsored by the guardian and charity job. Through our conferences we have helped almost 4,000 people in formulating their ideas for a career in International Development and worked with development agencies such as Action Aid, VSO, CARE, Oxfam, Water Aid,  MSF and more.  We are recognised and recommended by most careers offices and agencies giving advice on how to get experience in the International Development sector.