About us

Who and what is 2Way Development?

2Way Development is a UK based social enterprise offering meaningful tailor-made volunteering placements abroad in the field of international development. We work in Africa, Asia and Latin America with over 150 partner charities operating in fields of heath, education, human rights, economic development and environmental conservation.

2Way Development believes that volunteer placements should be organised individually. We organise our placements by first understating our volunteer’s skills, background and goals and matching those to the needs to one of our partner charities worldwide. Our team of placement advisors and managers help guide and support our volunteers so that their placements have the potential to change their lives, and the lives of others.

We have placed over 400 volunteers worldwide since 2003 and continue to watch our volunteers and partners grow as people and organisations, having a lasting impact on international development.

What makes 2Way Development special?

What makes us different from other volunteering or gap year agencies is that we treat all our volunteers individually, respecting their unique skills, background and long-term goals. We specialise in working with volunteers that have career goals as a fundamental motivation for a placement and we work hard to make sure our volunteers are placed in the best position to make a lifelong commitment to International Development. Our strength lies in our relationships with our worldwide network of fully vetted partner charities in Latin America, Africa, South and South East Asia and the Pacific. Our volunteers benefit from individual experiences, working alongside passionate and committed charities responding to development issues on the ground, on their own terms. 


2Way Development - The concept

The concept behind the name 2Way Development is an equal exchange of skills and experiences between our volunteers and our partner charities overseas. Its important to us that the benefits for our volunteers and our partners are balanced and that whilst a volunteer develops skills on a placement, a partner charity is able to build capacity through the time and skills a volunteer can offer. With our guidance, volunteers come away from our placements knowing they have had a relevant experience to their skills and goals - a platform which our volunteers often use to facilitate life long careers in International Development. Our partners are equally able to see specific outcomes to a volunteer placement that enables them to respond to development in a truly sustainable way.

A social enterprise

We are a social enterprise - a business with primarily social objectives and whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose. Rather than being driven by profit for shareholders or donor agendas, as an independent social enterprise we aim to constantly improve the service we offer to organisations and volunteers, without having to charge high fees.

Careers Services & Coaching

As well as organising individual placements abroad, we take on a limited number of coaching clients who have the opportunity to work personally with our Director Katherine Tubb. Katherine has over 10 years experience in giving advice and guidance to individuals and well known institutions on the topic of careers in International Development, which all our volunteers benefit from. If you would like one to one sessions with Katherine who can help you focus your career goals, create a careers plan, and re write your CV please contact us for details.