The matching of volunteers and their skills and expectations to the expectations of an organisation is a fantastic service. Christian Rassi, Kenya, 2012

"Volunteering in this capacity is one of the best things you can do…I really believe that it’s when you push yourself out of your comfort zone you get the best experience." Christoper Banks, Volunteer, Africa

2Way Development is a fantastic way of volunteering - it is something that is work oriented, something that will improve your CV, and you are able to contribute to something. Christopher Rocks, Kenya, 2012

"Before I left someone said that ‘Africa gets under your skin’ and now I know what they mean; it is a beautiful continent with many wonderful people." Glyn Endbrook, Volunteer, Rwanda

I greatly enjoyed my voluntary placement - I was glad to work for an NGO that had an appreciable effect on its community. Eugene McGuire, Cameroon, 2007

"My placement has influenced my career aspirations and goals. Firstly it has provided me with in depth knowledge of the health sector. Secondly, with my new skills, I gained a job in London with International SOS." Letizia Dell’Asin, Volunteer, Cambodia

"I would very strongly advise anyone to experience something like this. Professionally and personally, it was absolutely amazing. I learned about development every day, and I learned about myself and others every second." Genevieve de Lacaze, Volunteer, Guatemala

"I greatly enjoyed my voluntary placement…I was glad to work for an NGO that had an appreciable effect on its community." Eugene McGuire, Volunteer, Africa

"I am so glad I made the decision to take the plunge. The experience was a huge learning curve for me. What I saw and went through has really changed my outlook on life." Pam Cheema, Volunteer, Kenya

"Working for a respected local NGO placed me in the most diverse and representative situations to get a grip on the complexities of development." Jonathan Phillips, Volunteer, Africa

"Some of the best aspects of the placement were seeing others' passion and enthusiasm for change - they really wanted to develop initiatives to benefits others but lacked resource to do this effectively." Alex Eastham, Volunteer, Tanzania

"As well as seeing a project get established, I was able to participate fully in family life - the factor I had been most dubious about before going, but which probably gave me the most opportunity to learn about life in a Latin American country." Sarah Humphreys, Volunteer, Peru

"Working in the field for a local NGO helped me to understand the situation in rural Rwanda and gave me the base knowledge to start thinking about effective sustainable solutions to the problems facing rural Rwanda." Rob Giddings, Volunteer, Rwanda

"My placement was truly remarkable. It has led to a host of wonderful opportunities, a fantastic professional network and great friends. It has given me substantial work experience in a developing country which is an essential prerequisite for many international careers." Virginia Hooper, Volunteer, India

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