Rachel McGahey
Rachel McGahey
Rachel McGahey

Rachel McGahey

Impact: Our Volunteer

Rachel, an Anthropology and Development graduate, wanted to build experience and explore the development sector. Rachel now works for Our Sansar - an NGO dedicated to eradicating poverty by working in partnership with communities around the world. 

Impact: The Placement

This partner works with disadvantaged children and the elderly. They needed a volunteer to assist with communications and fundraising. Rachel updated the Mabadiliko website, assisted with funding activities and set up a volunteer programme. 


2Way Development Volunteer: Rachel McGahey

Prior to volunteering with 2Way Development, Rachel had gained a degree in Anthropology and Development Studies. She had lived, volunteered and travelled in a variety of countries before her placement and gained experience in social leadership, mentoring and child welfare. A structured overseas volunteer placement gave her the opportunity to build on her previous experience and to explore her interest in community development and education.

The Match

Rachel’s experience and interests matched well with Mabadiliko’s needs, and she joined them in October 2007 as a communications volunteer and fundraiser. Rachel initially spent her time updating the website, teaching English and helping the everyday running of the school. She also assisted the charity to maintain their financial records, implement ongoing projects and seek funding for new programmes.

Impact: Rachel’s Career Progression

Rachel now works for Our Sansar - an NGO dedicated to eradicating poverty by working in partnership with communities around the world. “I look at my placement as a real learning curve. The children at the school are wonderful and the teachers are all dedicated.”


“We interviewed families of the children at the school, which was really interesting, and used this information to put some of their life stories on the new updated website with the hope of making it easier for donors and future volunteers to understand the lives of these children and their families.”


2Way Development Partner: Mabadiliko Care International

Mabadiliko Care International, based in Kenya, focuses on supporting the most vulnerable people in their society - orphans, disadvantaged children, widows, and the elderly. Their work is especially important since there is an increase in the number of orphans and underprivileged children in the area. These vulnerable people, mainly women and children, need to be provided with basics to survive; including food, shelter, clothing, education and access to proper heath care.

The objectives of the Care Centre are:

  • Offering educational programmes on HIV/AIDS and also care for those already infected by HIV/AIDS
  • Offering training and counselling to the orphaned children, youth, and widows and older persons
  • Providing physical, spiritual and moral assistance to the society
  • Investing in corporate social philanthropy and human development
  • Investing in education so as to enhance the opportunities of children  

Impact: The Placement

  • Rachel was able to update Mabadiliko’s website to include information on the life stories of the children at the centre and the cost of resources, encouraging donations.
  • She helped to maintain the financial records of Mabadiliko and wrote proposals to attract new donors. 
  • Rachel taught English at the school and helped the children to write letters to their sponsors.
  • She also worked to place the organisation on a volunteer database to encourage other volunteers to work with the organisation, giving an important source of income.