Paula McKee

Impact: Our Volunteer

Paula, a Social Worker, took a career break to volunteer with children and HIV/AIDS victims. Paula spent three months living in an orphanage and experiencing life in Zambia first hand, which brought a new perspective when she returned to her career. 

Impact: The Placement

Our partner charity for underprivileged children in Zambia, needed help with teaching and caring for children. During her placement Paula helped with teaching and creative projects, assisted with HIV/AIDS and nutrition programmes and helped build capacity. 


2Way Development Volunteer: Paula McKee 

Paula, an experienced Social Worker with particular expertise in child protection and family support, wanted to take time out from her career and spend time contributing to a grassroots development organisation. She was particularly interested in having direct contact with children and working with victims of HIV/AIDS.

The Match 

Paula’s skills as a social worker complimented the work of the Ubumi Children’s Project and she joined the organisation for three months in 2007. Paula’s time in Zambia gave her a huge insight into the challenges faced by developing countries, while the Ubumi Children’s Project benefited greatly from her skills and experience. 

Impact: Paula’s Career Progression

Living with 15 children in an orphanage, she learned first-hand of the impact of HIV/AIDS on the communities served by the project. She spent the majority of her time during the placement working in the orphanage, teaching and promoting awareness of HIV/AIDS. Upon completing her placement, Paula returned to her previous career of social work. She was able to bring to the role a new understanding of the challenges facing the poorest people in society.


“The impact that HIV/AIDS is having on the community here is staggering…. most of the children were found begging on the streets.”

“I have been to the church that the children go to and that was an experience.  It is so lively with people clapping and cheering throughout the service…everyone goes to church and it is the social setting for most people.”

2Way Development Partner: Ubumi Children’s Project

The Ubumi Children's Project is an NGO established in 1997, with the aim of addressing the plight of orphans made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS and other social economic problems in Zambia. Their main objective is to improve the living standards of orphans and vulnerable children by helping them to become self-reliant - through skills training, health education, working on female empowerment in the community and a nutrition programme. 

Impact: The Placement

  • Paula spent the majority of her time engaging in teaching and creative projects with the orphaned children.
  • She assisted with a HIV/AIDS education programme and implemented a nutrition project.
  • Paula also helped to build capacity and assisted with fundraising and income generating activities.