Genevieve de Lacaze

Impact: Our Volunteer

Genevieve, a Development Studies Graduate, applied her theoretical knowledge in a real-world context, and experienced working with grass roots development. She now works as a professional author, broadcaster and coach.

Impact: The Placement

Our partner needed a volunteer with excellent communication skills to help deliver training on gender equality. Genevieve conducted training and workshops on gender issues and created management systems for the future.


2Way Development Volunteer: Genevieve de Lacaze

Before volunteering with 2Way Development, Genevieve had completed a Diploma in Development Studies. She felt that after her study, she needed time in the field, working with communities, in order to further her personal and professional development. 

With a solid grounding in the theoretical concepts of development and intermediate Spanish language skills, she wanted to put her knowledge in to practice and gain “invaluable, hands on experience of what [she] had learned in the classroom, in heavy books and reports.” 

The Match 

Genevieve’s knowledge of the development sector, enthusiasm for hands-on community work and Spanish language skills meant that she was a good match for UAM, and she spent nine months with them as a Project Coordinator. She began her placement by researching, analysing, and evaluating existing operations and projects. She then spent time giving presentations, preparing and hosting workshops on women’s rights, and meeting with partner organisations to discuss joint projects. Her time with UAM taught her a great deal about the impact of development projects, and helped formalise their working arrangements. 

Impact: Genevieve’s Career Progression

Genevieve’s placement confirmed her dedication to working in the international development sector. For her, the experience of working in the field was life affirming, and she commented that she had “learned about development every day, and learned about myself and others every second.” 

She developed skills in project coordination and communication, and she now applies those skills to her career as an author, broadcaster and career coach.


“My time in Guatemala was the most memorable – the experience has left such a print on my life that I’m sure I’ll still be talking passionately about it for decades.”

“I would very strongly advise anyone to experience something like this. Professionally and personally, it was absolutely amazing. I learned about development every day, and I learned about myself and others every second.”

“My placement has been a great stepping stone to understand that I ultimately want people to be free to create the world they want to live in.”

2Way Development Partner: Union de Agricultures Minifundistas (UAM) 

Established in 1994, the Union de Agricultures Minifundistas works with community development organisations, rural families and small agricultural producers in Guatemala. They aim to reduce poverty among local communities, promote equality and education, and work towards better management of resources. Their main programmes focus on the following areas:

  • Organic Agriculture: promoting the use of organic farming techniques and giving technical support.
  • Education: basic education, vocational skills training and promotion of women’s rights.
  • Fair trade and micro-finance:  training and marketing support for fair-trade producers and providing micro-loans to community projects. 

Impact: The Placement

  • Genevieve delivered training and workshops on women and gender issues, including participation and education.
  • She developed a database system for credit data control and management, and assisted with office administration. 
  • She also visited the beneficiaries of UAM’s projects, and liaised with partner organisations on future projects.